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Disquiet (Digital Download)

Disquiet was a project conceived during the global pandemic of 2020. While much of the world was shut down due to the spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2, a cultural upwelling was simultaneously occurring throughout the United States around racial unity and justice. Living in an epicenter of this alchemical moment, Rose City Brass Quintet used this challenging environment to incubate: finding our voice as an ensemble and developing new art to help us understand the world we found ourselves now inhabiting.

Four of the pieces on Disquiet were written during this period: some focusing on the isolation of the pandemic, others around the racial inequities that permeate our society. Pairing these new works with existing brass quintet literature that speaks to the themes of oppression and isolation via the tragedies of the Greensboro Massacre and tyrannical Communism in Czechoslovakia, we aim to grapple, imperfectly, with this shared moment of disquiet.

We humbly present this experience for chamber music listeners to remember 2020: an era unique to our generation; a year that challenged us to engage and struggle with our intellectual, cultural and philosophical ideals, a year filled with moments of desolation and strife, of shared humanity and love, of anger, frustration, and of hope.

SPIN, Dana Reason

Portland, Joey Sellers 

Morning Music, David Sampson

Celebration 2020, Joyce Solomon Moorman 

Jazz Quintet, Joyce Solomon Moorman 

Buoyancy, Lars Campbell 

Brass Quintet, Op. 112, Tomas Svoboda 

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Digital Download of Disquiet


Disquiet (Digital Download)

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